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What do we need to train in Karate? To start with, you only need tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt. Eventually, you will need to buy a Karate Suit (called a “Gi”), and some  safety equipment, as Karate is a martial art. Whilst every care is taken to ensure that training remains non-contact, an ounce of  prevention is better than a pound of cure! Hand Mitts, as well as foot and shin protection is required, and is a requirement of the insurance policy. Also, a good quality gum shield, and a box for males, and appropriate chest protection for females. Insurance is provided from the English Karate Organisation, (EKO), through the annual membership costs.  Will I get hurt? No. We are experienced and also operate a “non-contact” form for children. For adults, we have contact with application,  but this does not include any contact delivered at speed or that should cause pain.  Can I train with my children? Of course! We are insured to train from age 4, and we have sessions where we encourage children and adults.  Where can we obtain everything? Your instructor can provide suits, mitts, shin and foot protectors, and chest protection. Any good sports shop can  provide gum shields and boxes.  What are the costs involved? Your first session is free. After that, training is £3.00 per session for both juniors and seniors. This is purely on a “pay as you train” basis.  This ensures that you are never paying for sessions you don’t attend.  Once you have trained for a couple of weeks, and are enjoying your experience, then you will need to look at  joining for your “peer to peer” insurance, and also look at a karate suit. EKO membership and insurance is £15 for a junior, and £17 for a senior annually. Gi’s are £15.50 for a junior, and £18.50 for a senior including club badge.  Later on, you will need protective equipment as you progress toward kumite (sparring). Mitts, foot and shin  protection are £15 for a junior, and £18 for a senior. A gum shield is £2 for a Junior, and boxes range from £10 upwards.  Throughout the year, there will be opportunities to grade to the next belt if you are at the standard required.  Grading costs £10 for both a junior and a senior, and includes everything. Junior badges are £1 each, with a maximum of 1 to be taken in any month.  What can we expect? You should expect to attend training at least once a week, and a grading to be held every quarter to assess the standard.  The fee charged for the grading covers the belt awarded and the achievement certificate. If unsuccessful for a grading, then no fee is charged.     What are the training times and locations?  We operate 3 dojo’s (training halls), at St Columb Minor School, St Dennis School, and Treviglas Sports Hub,  Monday	St Columb Minor School	Thursday	Hotel California Pentire 		5.15 – 6.15 Juniors 				5.30 – 6.30 Juniors 		6.15 – 7.15 Seniors				6.30 – 7.30 Seniors  Tuesday	St Dennis School		                       5.00 – 6.00 Juniors